Building Process

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Our Building Process for a new home or extension

Are you looking at making a change?

Whether you need an extra bedroom or two, a bigger family room, more room in your kitchen, or even a luxurious new bathroom or a home theatre room, we have the answers to your questions and we can make your home the talking point among your family and friends. Our building process is simple and hassle free. We will advise you on what you need to consider when you are planning your custom built home, home extension or home renovation.

How We Work With You

Meet us and have an open discussion – ask lots of questions!

To fit in with your busy schedule, you can meet with Wayne in the comfort of your living room, to determine any important features in your property, what your needs are now, and also how they may change in the future. You will be advised on how to transform your home to maximise your comfort and enjoyment, and also how to increase the overall value of your home. At this stage you need quality information, and we firmly believe that a sales rep does not have technical skills to help you. For this reason you will deal direct with the registered builder, Wayne.

Design stage: your dreams put on paper

When you are ready to take the next step, in having plans prepared, you will sign a design agreement (Preliminary agreement) and pay a small deposit. Our designer will be advised of our discussions to date, and your budget for the project. You can read more about the design stage here. At this stage it is important to have an honest discussion about your available budget, so that the plans that are prepared are affordable for you to use.

Detailed pricing- based on your wish list

Once you are satisfied with the concept plans, the designer will prepare working drawings, which are used for us to prepare a highly detailed quote. You will find our quote contains many pages and lists inclusions that you were perhaps unaware of. We make no apologies for the detail we produce at quote stage, as we believe that you deserve this level of information, in fact the effort we put into preparing your quote is a good indication of our approach to your building work, from the preliminary stages and right throughout construction, and importantly after handover. At this stage it is crucial to compare any other quotes closely, and if a detail has not been included in any quotation document, it is most likely that only the very basic standard has been allowed for, or even worse it hasn’t been included at all! We always supply you with all of the information required to make an informed decision.

The protection of a fixed price contract- for complete peace of mind

For complete peace of mind, the HIA Fixed Price Contract is your guarantee that we will meet all of our obligations.

Building permits and warranty insurance

We submit, monitor and manage the approval process for you and when all permits are in place, work can commence. Most local councils also require an Asset Protection Permit, prior to commencement of the work, as this ensures the councils crossing etc. are returned to the same condition after the work has been completed. Even though the organising of this permit is normally a requirement of the property owner, we consider this part of our service and will apply and pay for this on your behalf.

Commencement of the building work- the most rewarding stage

Wayne will then coordinate all the necessary works to achieve a result that will bring all of your ideas together, and result in a relaxed building experience. You will be regularly updated on the progress of your job and you will be talking to the people you started your journey with, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Do you have plans already prepared?

Excellent! You now have a head start on living in the beautiful home you deserve. Whether it is a new custom built home, home renovation or home extension, the hard work for you, is almost done. Let the building specialists take the worry out of bringing your plans to life.  Wayne Stewart Builder can provide services to work with you and your architect, to bring the project to reality.

How to select the right builder for your home?

To be honest there is no easy answer to this one. But price is not the only factor you should consider. Because this is such a major project, many, many hours will be spent with your builder. It is important that you select a builder that you actually like, as good communication, building trust and being comfortable with your builder, will be what makes the project enjoyable for you and your family. Choosing the right people can make all the difference to the success of the project, so choose carefully.

We have extensive experience with all styles of building including traditional federation style homes through to the latest contemporary homes, and acreage homes.

You will be able to put your mind at ease, knowing you will be receiving quality materials, finishes and the best professional tradesmen available. We know you will be able to say to us at the end of the project that you are absolutely 100% satisfied with not only the result, but also the journey that got you to your completed home.

We can easily be contacted via our contact form, or if you prefer to speak to us, please call our office on 03 9776 7101.