Custom Home Design

Custom Home Designs


Sit down with our experienced building designer, using the latest software, make changes on the spot, then be able to see them in 3D. Whether you have special hobbies, work from home or require purpose designed living spaces our designer can include almost anything from wine cellars, hobby rooms, home gyms, luxury home elevators, offices and other workspaces to alfresco kitchens, soundproofed studios, guest suites and private retreats.



 Custom home design in 5 simple steps


1. Your initial meeting with the Builder


This will take about 60 minutes and is a great opportunity to discuss your ideas for your custom home design, when you would like to start building, and the likely building budget. We consider how to get the best out of your existing home or your block of land.


2. Your next step


As we now have a firm idea of the type of custom designed home or extension you need, we can now supply you with a design quote to prepare working drawings, plus soil and energy reports if required. We will also have made the necessary checks to determine the likelihood of requiring a Town Planning Permit.


3. Discover your perfect floor plan

Upon acceptance of the design quote, and payment of a deposit, our designer can then start to work on the Preliminary Drawings of your design. We will work with you to refine your Preliminary Drawings to the home that you have been dreaming of. These drawings will show a floor plan layout and once we have your approval, the elevations. For other handy information regarding a custom home design, have a read here.

4. Working drawings and other building reports-the stress free way

The next step of our Design Agreement is to convert the floor plan and elevations into Working Drawings. During this period, we will engage a number of professionals to produce the necessary reports and documentation required for the building of your home or extension. To undertake this step without professional assistance is undoubtedly daunting for home owners, as the reports and terminology can often be confusing. For our clients, we can streamline this part of the process.


Professionals engaged in this process may include:-

  • Surveyors for location, land Contours and to check that the building is within height restrictions
  • Town Planning Advice (if required)
  • Soil Test Engineer
  • Engineer to design footings, slab, and retaining walls if required.
  • Structural Engineer to make sure all timber, steel, and roof trusses are Building Code compliant
  • Energy Rating Compliance services
  • Bush Fire Compliance services



5. Comprehensive building costings and a guaranteed fixed price contract

Once we have compiled all of these reports, Wayne Stewart Builder can produce a complete and comprehensive cost for your new custom home or home extension, and we always guarantee a fixed price contract.


Why Custom Home Design with Wayne Stewart Builder?

    • As custom home builders, we are passionate about designing a house that from the moment you walk inside ‘feels like home’, because it has been designed to mirror your family’s needs.


    • You will get the all the benefits of a custom home design without the hassles of dealing with a multitude of services like engineers, surveyors, soil and energy reporting companies. You don’t need to know the confusing terminology or how to read drawings and reports -because we do! You won’t have the hassle of meeting with the engineer to explain how you need your home constructedcustom_home_designs_speech_bubble_black-that’s what we do! You don’t need to worry about whether your engineering documents are prepared to ensure the most cost effective solutions-because we will!


    • As custom home builders, we give you the freedom to select internal and external finishes as you like, because we understand the frustration of choosing from a limited ‘builders range’. You decide the style and interior design elements e.g. lighting, architectural features, built in cabinetry and custom designed storage.


    • Because we understand that every family has different interests and needs, you can choose the room sizes to suit you and your family; enlarge and add rooms as you please, and avoid unnecessary spaces. The layout of rooms can be designed for your existing or planned furniture, as well as upcoming lifestyle changes.


  • A well designed home can cope with your current needs, but with a bit of planning we can ensure it is suitable for your future lifestyle, so it will be lived in and loved for years to come.



Custom home designs versus standard builders plans

Designing a custom home is an extremely rewarding experience, (maybe even a little addictive- which is probably why we love being involved), but this option is not the best choice for you if you are searching for the lowest possible building cost per square. Custom built homes are by nature slightly more expensive than standard/display home designs.

A custom home design tends to suit the following types of people:

  • If you enjoy researching fresh ideas, so your home can be truly unique and full of character
  • If you have a unique block of land, an acreage block, or beautiful views, that you want to make the most of
  • If you want to be in control of the design and layout from the very beginning
  • If you don’t want to be restricted to a limited ‘builder’s range’ of finishes


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