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Our clients contacted us as they wanted to work with an experienced home extension builder in Dromana. They had just purchased this home as they saw great potential to improve the design, extend the balcony and at the same time give the home a fresh new look.

After our initial meeting, we could see the immense possibilities that this home had to offer, as it was a split level with a breathtaking coastal view. The main objective was to maximise the picturesque view, by opening up the upper floor with a great expanse of sliding doors, and to extend the balcony, and provide a great outdoor entertainment area. We were quick to recognise that this professional couple had a very tasteful and unique sense of style and were keen to put this to good use, by transforming a tired, old home into a fresh and welcoming haven.

These clients had previous experience dealing with draftsmen and other building related services, however they decided to use our design service to streamline the design stage and get the project off the ground quickly and easily.

Once the building work commenced, we were able to get to our team on the ground, and one of our first tasks was to address the issue of the ‘bounce’ in the existing flooring due to the absence of adequate support. We also lined the solid brick internal walls in the ground floor and removed many of the old colonial style windows, as they contributed to the dated look of the home.

Due to Wayne’s building expertise he was able to identify a non-load bearing wall that could be removed to open up the entry/living area and draw attention to the view across the balcony. Once we made the suggestion to our clients they were very enthusiastic about removing the wall and excited to reap the benefits. Many other enhancements were made at Wayne’s suggestion including improvements in the layout to maximise space to the Master bedroom and ensuite. The strong partnership between Wayne and our clients was a major reason for the successful transformation of this home extension and renovation.

Whilst this was a fairly major renovation, combined with a home extension, our clients preferred to remain living in their home while the building work was done, so we made every effort to ensure they had a space to retreat to during the building period. This takes a great deal of flexibility and patience from both the builder and the clients but our team worked efficiently and considerately. This saved our clients the extra expense and hassle of moving to other accommodation during the building period.

Once again our expertise as a home extension builder in Dromana, has produced a well designed and solidly constructed home extension and renovation that has added greatly to the overall value of this home.

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